Hi, My name is Jenny Cartagena, I'm a Latin woman from Honduras living in Austin, Tx. The ability to dream and dream big is something I’ve learned growing up. Creating something unique and exclusive was one of those dreams I had as a child. I am really fond of the artistry involved in hand made jewelry.

Jenka Jewelry started many years ago in my mind. I got fascinated with jewelry since is one of the main items that can make you feel elegant, dressy, fresh and ready for your everyday life. Whether is a family gathering, business meeting, casual or fancy party, jewelry is a must. The exquisite details and a bold use of color in Jenka Jewelry is a reflection of my Latin roots. Women from all walks of life can wear these beautiful handmade collections.
Jenka Jewelry is all about love and inspiration, not only in the design and elaboration of these timeless casually elegant jewelry but also in our must beloved customers, once again.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity every day to design and create each piece with a touch of love especially for you!

Thank you for your support and for trusting us!